Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Backpacking Personal Trainer: Tales of NYSC Part 2

OK, today's NYSC character I will showcase is the personal trainer who looks like he is about to go backpacking, and is also really really happy about it. The thing that annoys me most about personal trainers is especially evident in this guy. When a personal trainer approaches you, you get that uneasy feeling like you're at Best Buy and they are trying to sell you a protection plan. I mean in both cases, in the end they are operating under the guise that they are trying to help you out, by selling you something they need. In both cases, I feel like they are trying to scam me. 

What is odd about this guy, is that he walks around dressed like Wesley Snipes in "Drop Zone". I am not sure how a giant backpack with hooks on it, factors into a personal training strategy, but if it is important, this guy comes very well equipped. Besides Wesley Snipe's ridiculous sky diving backpack, it seems he also stole his big goofy smile as well. Every day he greets you with a huge grin, and invites you to sign up for a free training session. 

A lot of dumb white people fall for this. Just for the record, there is no such thing as a free training session. Everything a personal trainer every tells you or offers you that is free, is another angle to try to get you to pay ridiculous sums of money so they can make you look like an idiot in front of everyone else at the gym. I love, jumping in the air with my arms flailing just as much as the next guy, but when everyone else in the gym is doing curls and bench presses, you tend to stand out. I guess this is fitting because you did fall for the personal trainer scam.

Besides the "free training session" backpack guy also spins some wheel (like the one on wheel of fortune) which has prizes which amount to coupons to New York Sports Cub. Great, the slum lords at New York Sports Club are charging me $80 a month to use their awful facilities, and now the weirdo in the backpack just told me I won 10% off the first month of a personal trainer. When you are simply getting a discount on something you don't need, is that really winning??

Well this creep in a backpack sure makes you believe you just won something. When I think back, the minute I signed up for the gym they brought in personal trainers right away and tried to sell me their services. I cannot begin to list the problems at this gym, and I pay a premium rate to use their second rate facility. They are constantly trying to find different ways to scam me. I don't need your help weird guy in a backpack. Please leave me alone. 

Note: This is making me angrily think about my days at Circuit City so I think I am going to start a new series of blogs about that. Stay tuned.

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