Monday, November 17, 2008

Earth Wind, and Fire. Who will stop them?

The other day, I gave my good friend Ryan fantasy football advice. I told him it would be a bad idea to start Derrick Ward because there is no way the Giants would run strong on the Ravens.  Up until yesterday, the Ravens were allowing 67 yards a game, and had a string of 29 straight games not allowing a 100 yard rusher. Well they still haven't allowed a 100 yard rusher, but only because there was no reason to run Brandon Jacobs anymore after the game got out of reach. 

I woke up excited yesterday, excited about the prospect of a Ray Lewis/Brandon Jacobs collision. The idea of the best rushing offense, against the best rushing defense would get any football fans' attention. Instead I watched Brandon Jacobs steam roll the Ravens carrying what seemed like the entire team on his back 10 yards at a time. Up until yesterday, the biggest run day for any team against the Ravens was 76 yards, and I watched the Giants 3rd string running back, Ahmad Bradshaw run for 77 yards in one play. Going into yesterday's game, I questioned whether the Giants could reach 100 yds, well their 3 back onslaught gained over 200 yds, and the only question left on my mind was, "How did these guys lose to the Browns?"

I try to pride myself on logic, and not being superstitious, but I find myself every week thinking that the Giants are "due for a loss." I feel like if I gloat the Giants will lose, and as I type this I am thinking I will probably jinx them, but I do not see the Giants losing. I don't see them losing to anyone at any time. It is a proud time to be a Giants fan, and it seems like that maybe the defending champs could indeed defend their title. Anyone remember when sports writers all picked the Cowboys in the wake of Osi Umenyiora going down? It seems so long ago. 


Afif said...

Their upcoming schedule looks mad hard but they they are easily the best team in the NFL. lol @ the Browns loss if they go 15-1

anicid said...

@afif: yeah, seriously. all i will picture is our friend peter running up and down the bar during that game going "LETS GO BROWNS". ugh.