Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am tired of hearing about "the poor"

I have noticed an odd trend that started when Barack Obama was chosen as the Democratic candidate for President a few months back. Middle class white people talking about poor people as if they are some static entity that needs to be handled with kid gloves. More specifically I have read and heard many liberals have in depth conversations about the state of black people in America, and redistribution of wealth to those less fortunate.

First, the idea of middle class white people talking about black America as if they know what is good for them, is as insulting as saying "the N word" (I will discuss the ridiculousness of having to say "the N word" in another blog).  White people having an open discussion about black people as if they understand their struggle is like parents discussing their children. It is marginalizing black people to the point where you are implying that they cannot even defend or think for themselves, and it is a way of being racist under the guise of caring. Privileged white people love to seem socially and politically relevant at the expense of treating black people like children, it is a hobby of white people. 

Secondly, I can't stand the idea of "spreading the wealth." I know people who make less than 12k a year, have kids, and live perfectly normal lives. In this country with very little effort you can make 10-12k a year, and have the government pay most of your rent, and most of your food, and still get money back at tax time. I am not against that, that is taking care of your people to me. I think there should be some regulation on how long people can live off the government (since people often spend their entire lives on welfare) but ultimately, I am not for hanging people out to dry. I find it insulting that Barack Obama and the privileged white have this blanket policy of redistributing wealth to "the poor." 

I have had people the last few months criticize me for supporting politicians who are not "for the poor." Why the hell would you be for the poor! They smell, and eat up tax dollars, so I am not for the poor, but poor people will always exist and I acknowledge that. My problem is that people are talking about the poor like they are some static entity. I have heard people who are not poor say "I am poor" as if they are a group that needs representing. I don't know when the idea of being poor gained this acceptable connotation where it is almost as if they are their own race. Being poor is a personal economic situation, not some disease that can't be cured or a skin color that will be discriminated against. So I am tired of acting like we need to help this entity called the poor. What we need to do is create more jobs, so that being poor is not a static state of being, but a temporary economic state. 

I never thought I would see the day in the United States where spreading money around without earning it was a popular idea. Our country is built on ambition and will die on the backs of well off liberals who feel like they have some social obligation to help the unambitious. I don't expect to throw people out on the street with no food or clothes, but "the poor" shouldn't be treated like dogs waiting near the dinner table for supper either. 

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