Thursday, November 6, 2008

I want to give Frank Caliendo a hug

I am a long time Opie and Anthony listener, and over the years Frank Caliendo has been a semi regular guest on the show. When I first heard Frank on the air, he had a couple of impressions that were pretty good, and he came across as a pretty funny guy.

Somewhere along the line, his Madden impression took off and for some reason TBS thought this meant he could do any impression, and turn it into a weekly tv show. I cannot even make it 5 minutes into Frank's show, without feeling extremely embarrassed for him.

I find it easy to hate people who are annoyingly unfunny, but I do not even think that this is the case here. I think Frank is a genuinely funny guy, and there is a certain aura of self awareness that comes across during his show.

He has been on Opie and Anthony to promote standup acts since the show has aired, and he seems to avoid the issue of the television show completely. I feel for Frank, and how blatantly awful his show is. I want to be annoyed by the idea of him cashing in on this show, but then I hear his George Bush impression and I just want to hug him, or take him out back and put him out of his misery. Frank TV is the epitome of awfulness.


Ryan said...

Name me one person that he impersonates under the age of 45?

Afif said...

His impressions are mad good but I don't think he is a "funny person". lol @ him being embarrassed about his own show though. That makes me like him way more

theomegachrist said...

I think some of his impressions are good, but some are really awful and hacky.

Soulwound said...

I think his comedy special was good, but I cannot stand his TV show or even his commercials.

Some comics only belong on stand-up and I think Frank is one of them.