Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keith Olbermann is a douche

The issue of gay marriage has come up the last couple of days over at, and I realize that I have a hard time separating my hate from people and my real feelings on issues. I think although it is a more slippery slope than advocates of gay marriage would like to admit I am generally in favor of gay marriage.  I also believe it is wrong that they have taken that right away in California once it was already given to those people, but on the other hand maybe something this controversial should have went to a Democratic vote to begin with.

However with my feelings on the issue aside, the one thing I know for sure is that I hate Keith Olbermann. I do not see how people can see him as any different than Bill O'Reilly. Granted Bill O'Reilly makes some crazy comments based on lies, and absurdities but they are both out for only one person, themselves. 

I remember back about a year ago during the Don Imus controversy, when Keith Olbermann came out against Don Imus. He said he urged his bosses to take action, and begged Jessie Jackson to take action against Don Imus. Don Imus is a guy who has made a career out of dumb jokes, and crude comments. Don Imus was also a colleague of Olbermann, and you know what a bigger man would have done? He would have sat back and allowed Imus' actions to dictate what happened to him. 

Of course that is not what Olbermann did, he has to let you know that he is cut from the finest moral fiber that exists. He has to constantly let you know that you are dumber than he is with his ridiculous cadence, and unnecessary use of "powerful" adjectives. Keith Olbermann wants to be a star so badly, and all he ever will be is a dumb sports anchor that somehow made it a little further in his career. Who is Keith even preaching to? He has a liberal show and a liberal audience, does he really think people who oppose him are going to tune in and be swayed by his rambling? No one is impressed by your words Keith, knock it off. 

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