Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on Election Day

Ok, so I voted for Obama today, because I think he will be a better symbolic representation of America throughout the world. However, I would not call myself a McCain hater, or an Obama supporter. I just think that at this point in time, with everything that has happened the past 8 years, this makes the most sense.

What I have found unbelievable on the Internet the past few days, is how incredibly vocal Obama supporters have been. There have been countless people on Facebook or Myspace, that I guarantee have no idea why they support Obama pushing him as if John McCain becoming president would be the end of the free world.

Personally I consider myself to be relatively politically ignorant. Because of this, I rely on a few close friends who are extremely politically knowledgeable to keep me up to date with what is going on etc. I am not ashamed to admit that, but because of my ignorance, I think it would be pretty irresponsible for me to go out and campaign for Barack Obama simply because that is who I was voting for.

During the past 3 days, I have seen people use such strong language, and paint our country as doomed if Barack Obama does not become President. Most of these people couple probably not even explain how Barack will affect their lives, but they are out there telling you that you have to vote for him.

I voted for Obama for really simplistic reasons, but like I said I am pretty politically ignorant. Now my main point here is that since most people are just as ignorant as I am, I can't believe that there is some profound reason that makes Barack Obama way greater than John McCain. I am fine with the choice I have made, but I have never seen so many people so passionate about something they know nothing about. These are just vague generalized thoughts for now, once everything settles down I will probably write some more about what I have noticed more specifically the last few days. If anyone cares.

Let's just hope that if Barack wins, he will be as great as the hype machine has made him out to be.

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