Friday, November 21, 2008

"Without A Paddle" A Netflix Review

I was just browsing Netflix for movies to add to my instant queue so I can play them on the awesome Xbox Netflix Player , and came across this woman's review of "Without a Paddle".  I have not seen this movie but it looks pretty mediocre to me, and she had the following to say: 

This is a film about a group of childhood friends who decide to follow their childhood obssesion and go on a camping trip in search of a lost bank robber's treasure...and everything bad that can happen does. I am a tough sell on comedy. It honestly takes a lot to make me laugh. With that said, let me say that I laughed so hard at this movie that I almost lost my breath. This movie plays on all the fears a guy could possibly have...A neurotic bear chasing you constantly, wild girls that are hairy but pretty, redneck hillbillies in the woods hunting you, huddling with your buddies for warmth(while practically naked), and a creepy old wilderness guy yelling at you while holding a rifle. This movie had nonstop comedy. The story moved along well and the comedy was played by the actors to perfection! Seth Green is AMAZING! green's brilliant facial expressions alone deserve applause for comedy. Matthew Lillard did not disappoint! And newcomer from the tv show "Punk'd", Dax Shepard, was surprisingly GREAT! I absolutely recommend this movie to anyone! It was wonderfully funny with a small moral about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. See it and enjoy a wonderful ride

I hate when people preface things by saying they are a hard sell, because odds are that is a lie. As we proceed through her review she points out things that couldn't possibly be funny as highlites to what I am guessing is an extremely mediocre movie(making her an easy sell). Putting "while practically naked" in parenthesis reeks of dumb soccer mom, and I am sure Seth Green even knows his facial expressions are not genius. I love how she had to throw in "new comer Dax Shepard" as if she writes for "Rolling Stone" to legitamize her awful writing, but then cancels that out by typing GREAT (notice all caps). I hate this person, you get 0 bananas, that is right I am reviewing your review Melodic from Netflix.

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