Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WWE The Good 'ol Days Part 1

Ok, I have had a lot less time to post lately so I am going to start this series that should not be that time consuming. I was talking about the old website wrestlecrap.com the other day with my friends, and it inspired this. Lately all I have been amazed at how PC the United States has become to the point where we are afraid to say anything. Remember back when things were so un-PC that the WWF was able to do whatever they wanted and get away with it: Exhibit A:

Akeem the African Dream

Could you imagine nearing the end of 2008 that this was ever an acceptable character in the pro wrestling world? The basis of his character if I remember correctly was that he was hit on the head and developed amnesia. When Akeem awoke, he believed he was a man of African descent and proceeded to shuck and jive in the most stereotypical way possible. His clothes are a ridiculous interpretation of I guess traditional African garb? But surprisingly good ol' Vince McMahon did not have him speak with an African accent, he instead had him speak with an awful "East Harlem" like accent that is offensive to even people like me who think you should do anything for entertainment. I yearn for the days where a fat white guy could become a star by awfully imitating a black man for laughs. 


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And why was he teamed up with a redneck cop? With a jive talking pimp as a manager?