Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WWE The Good 'ol Days: Part 3 - Kamala Blog

I was going to leave Kamala as the last post, and who knows maybe this will be the last post of this series (depending on how lazy I get) but this has to be the most offensive wrestling character of them all. It all started when explorer Kim Chee traveled to Uganda for God knows what? So Kim Chee was exploring with only a torch at night for some reason and came across a giant tribesman. He was startled, but rather than run away forever he did what any good archaeologist would, he captured the giant black man, quit his career in archaeology, joined forces with Mr. Fuji and brought the giant black man to the WWF so he could be his valet. 

As offensive as reenacting slavery is, it didn't end there. Kamala wandered the ring completely confused by his surroundings wearing ridiculous body paint and holding a spear that he often put in his mouth. You ever tell or hear a spear joke? Well from what I remember they don't go over too well in mixed company, yet somehow 15 years ago this was an ongoing visual joke in the WWF

To top it off, I did a quick google search on Uganda just to see if any of the people even come close to resembling Kamala and nope not even close. Every person that came up on my search was thin and none of them wore body paint. I believe that painting moons and stars on your body are a product of genius WWF racism and not based in reality. After writing a few of these, my favorite theme is that the WWF never did any research, they simply had some ridiculous stereotype in their heads and went with it. I imagine they never envisioned a world where you could just run a search and see reality in a matter of seconds. Kamala gets my vote for most racist WWF character ever, but I think it is more amazing they talked a black guy into doing this.