Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Citi Field Dream

The other night I was talking to some friends about how I never remember dreams. It has been at least 6 months since I remembered my last dream, well last night I finally remembered a bizarre one. 

Somehow I received tickets to opening day at Citi Field, and what a unique stadium it was. When you get off the 7 Train you are now strapped into a roller coaster harness. You ride the roller coaster track into the stadium and into the position of where your seat is. That's right, Citi field has replaced traditional baseball seats with an orange roller coaster track. 

Seemingly there was a fade out in my dream because the next thing I remember I was out of my harness and on field level. At this point I then realized the flaw in the Mets plan. Once you get up to use the bathroom there is no way to get back to your roller coaster seat! Well this made perfectly logical sense in my dream, but as an after thought I am not sure how I got down either. 

I then figured I should go to the bathroom on ground level. Once I got into the bathroom a guy in a business suit was urinating and decided to throw the urinal water at me. I dodged him and then ran to the sink and swatted the sink water at him and then ran away. When I got outside he somehow had a water bottle and I tried to hide, and then threw the bottle of water at me. He got me good, and I had a feeling of anger but shook his hand anyway. I then woke up.  

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