Monday, January 5, 2009

The Slap heard around the world

About a month ago I was out at a bar with my friends, and the lovable Dennis made a slap bet with my friend Ryan. It was some  ridiculous bet with the odds stacked way in Ryan's favor so you would think Dennis was drunk, but no not a drop of alcohol. Since Ryan loves to ring in the New Year in style and class he refrained from cashing in at the bar and saved the spoils for New Years. 

Ok, so being slapped in the face in my opinion has to be one of the worst things that could ever happen to a person. I have been punched in the face by Ryan without getting angry, but I am not sure I could take part in a slap bet. I feel like if I was slapped in the face by another man, I would not even be able to process the situation and would just attack. So the question of the day, would you rather be punched in the face hard or bitch slapped? 


d$mania said...

First, you can't dis an awesome conversation on The Money Pit without being a guest... and we'd love to have you on, but you're so tough to book.

Secondly, I believe I handled the cashing in of the slap bet like a champ. That's what you have to do. and I give myself props.

Thirdly, Slap Bet is awesome.

Fourthly... when are you coming on the podcast?

theomegachrist said...

When do you do your Podcasts? You are too ambitious for me, it is like a daily show now!

If you do a weekend show I can be on, I will be bored, Riha works all the time.