Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Matters treadmill bomb episode

Lately, I have been obsessed with awful family sitcoms from the 90's. These shows are so bad I am thinking of creating a separate blog just dedicated to recaps of these awful television shows. Last night as I was trying to sleep I saw one of my all time favorite "Family Matters" episodes. In this episode Carl went to workout at a gym that makes my New York Sports Club look like paradise. He gets on the treadmill, and has to tell the machine a special pass phrase to get it going. Does this even exist now? This treadmill looked like the most basic treadmill you could buy, yet it had voice recognition built in, in 1996. Then he finally yells "Stallion" as his passphrase, and the laugh track erupted because obviously that is funny. The machine starts up, and starts talking to him saying there is a bomb in the machine and if he stops running it will go off. That is funny too because he is fat, in case you forgot or don't get the outrageous nature of family comedy. 

So anyway at this point the audience is asked to accept the fact that in the mid 90's this crappy looking treadmill has the ability to recognize Carl Winslow's voice, and also somehow has the ability to understand when he steps off the treadmill. This seems as if it would take a ton of tampering to the treadmill that would be noticeable but whatever, who am I to rain on ABC's parade? I mean, it is all about the laughs right? So Carl's boss comes into the gym after it evacuates and they go through a scenario where Carl gets tired cause he is fat, and then the old white Lieutenant gets on and gets a cramp, and then Carl has to jump back on. Also keep in mind they did not even bother to make it so that there was always a person on the machine, it was really sloppy and had this technology existed in 1996, and gone unnoticed I am sure they would be dead. Anyway, so hijinx ensue and eventually Carl tells the Lieutenant to cut one particular wire and he does and they don't die. The end. 

Another classic Family sitcom episode in the books. Oh how I miss this formula. Stupid reality TV. 


Ryan said...

Man, Eddie Winslow looks all suave in that picture. Remember the time, he was grazed by a bullet in pursuit of a suspect when he was a cop in the last season of Family Matters? Neither do I but apparently it happened.

Afif said...

Yeah I was looking through the synopses of Family Matters episodes after I watched it a few weeks ago and found out that Stefan Urquelle split into a completely different person for the last two seasons of the show after I stopped watching.

Final ABC episode:

193 May 9, 1997
A Pirate's Life For Me
Urkel and Carl go back in time on board a 1700s pirate vessel, where they are made to walk the plank after Urkel accidentally drops his time travel watch overboard. Can they escape back to their present time before they become sharkbait?