Monday, March 23, 2009

For The Love of Ray J

I was at the gym today, and I decided to jog to the TV. I popped on VH1 to see what awful show was on, and it was a show I never saw before. "For the Love of Ray J". All I knew about Ray J was that he was most famous for having sexual intercourse with Kim Kardashian who is famous for being rich and having sex with Ray J and filiming it. Before summing up the show I want to add that in my research I have learned a couple things:

1) Despite his boasts at the beginning of the show, Ray J is not that successful as a recording artist. 

2) Ray J was the guy from Moesha. 

I thought maybe Ray J was a multi platinum recording artist, and black people were keeping him secret. Turns out he does alright for himself, but in the end he doesn't have the charm of say Chris Brown to launch him into super stardom. 

Ok so I will admitt in the past year I have watched my share of trash television. I watch "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" from time to time, and my fiance loves "The Girls Next Door" so I end up watching that a bit. These shows, while trash tv, are at least interesting. Both focus around skeezy girls that are so self involved that it is comical. 

"For the Love of Ray J" has to be the worst reality show I have ever seen, and Ray J, that isn't an insult. The problem with this show is that Ray J is probably the most normal guy ever to be a star of a reality show. When I turn on awful television I want to see train wrecks, not some R&B singer calmly talk over problems with some girl. Also on a side note, the casting for the girls seems a little too picky too. Even the most ghetto girls on this show are still classier than any of the girls on "Flava of Love." Anyway, "For the Love of Ray J" is a boring ass show. I expect more from a guy with a sex tape floating around. That is all I have for now, this entire entry was more or less the protective shell surrounding a Chris Brown joke. 

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