Friday, April 10, 2009

Diddy Quotes of the Day 4/9

Ok, so I am going to try to post a few good positive messages from our friend Diddy every day on here. The least he can do is help out my blog in exchange for spamming twitter 24 hours straight. 

"To buy your new NO BITCHASSNESS Tshirts, hit me with ur info at Limited requests will be taken!! LETS GO!!!"

"But be clear I don't condone BITCHASSNESS!!!! In any shape or form!!! I will handle!!!!"

" Real talk some times there's some deeper shit goin on with people! Don't judge! We all done acted crazy in our on way!!! Don't throw stones!"

" God thank you for waking me up this morning!!!!! THANK YOU!!!"

" Did yall know my favorite Rock group is Silversun Pickups?!? and I am excited their new album, Swoon, comes out April 14th!!! I cant wait!!"

" Last train to Paris is not just an album it's a feeling. Its a movement. Its a risk. Its a void fulfilled!!! Its coming to a soul near you!"

" Just leaving gym! Finished my 3rd work out! You got start somewhere. I'm better today than I was yesterday!!!!"

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