Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drunken Philosopher Movie rant

I'd like to thank Seth Rogan for "keepin it real" as the kids say. When funny people become famous it is really hard to stay funny and true to yourself, and "Observe and Report" is about as fucked up and raw as a comedy can get. It wasn't necessarily the funniest movie you will see, but hilarious in a way that goes agaisnt the trend of formulatic pussy comedies that you usually see in the movies these days. I will give it an 8/10, it is a must see for people who appreciate dark comedy. If you don't, you are probably not that funny and should see the movie below. 

Last night Aziz Ansari (hilarious comedian also in Observe and Rport) "tweeted" the following:

 thought of a cool movie idea. Guy (me) learns about love through the ghosts of previous girlfriends. What do you think?

 I thought that he made that plot up, and that is was more comedy genius from Aziz to come up with a plot so ridiculous and pretend to be talking to Jennifer Garner about it. However this morning when getting on the bus I saw the following poster

Yep. That is real. 

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