Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventures of NYSC

Just a quick update since this is an on going theme to my blog.

Today at the gym in Chelsea or as I like to call it Emerald City to all the Oz fans out there. It seems like there is just no rules at this gym when it comes to sexuality.

Today one of the regulars at the gym, a bald black man who has to be at least 55, was running on the treadmill. Laid out on the treadmill was a picture of two guys lathered up with oil, hugging in thongs. I guess this makes him run faster? The 'ol donkey and carrot goof. That is fine in the privacy of your home, but COME ON!! It is the gym. Just another bizarre event at Emerald City.


Ryan said...

Maybe he wants to have a body like those oiled up studs? I dunno what goes through the minds of middle aged gay men, do you?

And what would be your dangling carrot? Mine would be a picture of John Starks dunking on Jordan.


Afif said...

lol @ "The 'ol donkey and carrot goof"

and lol @ John Starks