Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Update

Last night the idiot fans of "Dancing With the Stars" caused Lil' Kim and her milky white blond haired partner to be eliminated. They were the most absurd and entertaining partnership, and Lil' Kim actually could have won the entire competition. On top of that, in one of the better moments of the season, flamingly gay judge Bruno called Kim a tramp on Monday's show creating one of the more awkward moments in recent television history. He claimed something was lost in translation. Apparently this is an endearing phrase in Italy? Anyway, next week is the semi finals, and Ty Murray is still in the competition. If you have never seen Ty dance, please see the video below. Ty is a completely awful dancer and week after week he is somehow staying alive. My new goal is to vote for Ty Murray in hopes that a horrendous robotic dancer will win "Dancing with the Stars". This is my bitchassness update of the week.

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