Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Randoms

My streak of random micro-ish blogs continue.

10 million people watched the premier of "Jon and Kate plus Eight". That is ridiculous to me, though I feel for that man.

Mel Gibson is the best for not caring about anything ever.

Cleveland does not even need a coach. Every play goes to Lebron and everyone knows it, and they somehow still won.

Mike Pelfrey is on the mound for the Mets tonight and he has not won against the Marlins in 7 straight starts.

The Yankees are over hyped. Everyone keeps comparing them to the 90's Yankees now. I think not, but they are doing well so it is hard to hate right now.

Eli Manning has been practicing with his starting WR's, that is a nice change.

Is Kanye West a retard? Heated debate on the internet.

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