Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheryl Miller

Last night during the final game of the NBA Finals, I got to thinking. Why is Charles Barkley allowed to speak on television?

In a way it is a testament to how great of a character Barkley is. We have all heard the stories of gambling, and hilarious womanizing, and I think that intrigues and captivates the viewing audience. Fair enough, Sir Charles gets a pass. We may have no idea what on earth he is saying, but he is an NBA great, and a par of pop culture.

Then Cheryl Miller talked, and I said ok, Sir Charles get a pass, but what is Cheryl doing on television? I get that she is an all time great, but COME ON. She has a voice that is so manly, it not only embarrasses Cheryl, but it has to embarrass Reggie Miller too.

She not only has better inside game than her brother, but she also has a more manly voice and bigger muscles. Poor Reggie. And UGH to Cheryl.

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