Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why is Facebook asking me if I want to be a supporter of Michelle Obama?

What exactly am I supporting her in doing? Having sex with the President. I never understood the idea of viewing First Lady as some type of accomplishment. I mean is it an honor to be worthy of marrying the President? I guess so, but we could have has a female President if the cards fell right. Now that would be an accomplishment. What do you think Hilary Clinton's bigger accomplishment is, first lady or Senator?

Also, I am tired of pretending Michelle Obama is hot. I was reading some top 100 list the other day that had her listed as hotter than girls who are actually legitimately hot. I get it, she is fairly young and married to the President so she is hot. That's great, but let's be serious.


anicid said...


d$mania said...

::shakes head::

theomegachrist said...

LOL seriously though!! Marrying someone isn't an accomplishment. There is plenty of women who have done what she has done who did not marry the President. Why do we admire her! Also, she is ugly.