Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wire

I have one more episode of "The Wire" left, and my God what a great show! "Oz" was always my favorite show, but I believe this may be even better. This is the first time in years that a show has made me tear. If you have not seen "The Wire" you are crazy. One million times better than "The Sopranos."


Ryan said...

Your 86 texts about The Wire finale got me thinking, like Season 5 has it's ups and downs (that damn McNulty story) but the thing the Wire always did so well every season was it's closing montage showing that even with all the work the cops did, things never really changed on the streets. I loved how you see how the younger characters transform into the older characters,Dookie becomes Bubbs, Michael becomes Omar, etc, etc, the story told in the Wire and in real life, keeps repeating itself and repeating itself, it's amazing. On the Oz front, The Wire is technically the better show, especially from a writing standpoint but there's something about the connection with a lot of the Oz characters that keeps it in the same sentence as The Wire.

theomegachrist said...

To me, even the McNulty thing becomes good after seeing season 5's ending. I really think that is the best I have ever seen a show wrapped up. I keep replaying Michael with a shotgun in my head over and over again, it is chilling. Also, Marlo was always shown as the Kingpin and they always talked about how tough he was and how he took the streets by force, but you never saw it. At the end when those kids had guns and Marlo took the corner with his fists, that was an amazing scene. After that last montage, I was really upset and angry that I don't know what happened afterwards, and that is ridiculous cause it is a show and not real life. Amazing.