Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fight Night DLC caters to people who suck

In one of the more irritating game announcements I have heard in awhile EA is putting out an update to "Fight Night Round 4" that allows people who have no motor skills a better shot at winning. In Round 3, EA gave players the option of using button controls to throw punches rather than the analog stick.

The analog controls, in my opinion, are the best emulation of real life fighting without actually throwing punches. However, using the face buttons is so much quicker that it is almost impossible to use the analog stick against people online who are using the face buttons.

EA did the right thing. They believed in their total stick control, so they left the face buttons out. Today though, the announcement came out that they are officially adding in face controls in their next update.

How lame, they spent all this time coming out with the new stick control, and because of a little bitching they made it totally obsolete. Boo EA! Have some balls.

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