Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I guess I am old fashioned

But I like my heroes to be of the two testicled variety. Hit the bricks Lance Armstrong.

I was arguing about this with my brother the other day. Is their a scientific reason why it is tougher to ride with one testicle or is the story that he beat Cancer? My brother says that he produces less testosterone with one testicle, but I don't think that is true? I was fine with Lance Armstrong in the beginning, but now every time he races it is a story. Why?

My brother was like, "He hasn't even competed in 2 years and he is in third." Any other athlete they would say he lost because he was lazy. I am tired of all the dumb bracelets and crazy praise. The dude rides a bike. Below is a picture of a real hero who wouldn't know a thing about riding a bicycle because he plays real sports and isn't trying to be the best at exercising.


Ryan said...

And what does Kenny Powers have to do with this? Other than being awesome?

theomegachrist said...

He doesn't want to be the best at exercising.

Ryan said...

Love that quote.