Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Karina Jimenez

Can you please leave Gladiel alone. His girl is angry, he is not your therapist and if you need a consuler (her spelling not mine, though Brian will let you know I am not the best speller)fine one.

These are the emails I receive almost daily, because some moron has taken more than 2 years to realize that kjimenez@gmail.com is not her email.

In the past 6 months I have received at least 10 requests to reset my password, I have received hotel reservation confirmations, I have received flight reservation confirmations, and countless personal emails many of which written in Spanish.

2 Years ago I thought this was a reasonable mistake. I figured that Karina must have registered a similar email with Google. It happens, and I waited for the emails to stop coming in. They never did.

I really wonder just how dumb Karina is. Who can't access their email for 2 years and still fills out forms with it. I hope you read this Karina Jimenez. You are a real dummy.

Edit: Her name may actually be Katherine Jimenez. I see both on various emails. Unless it is two different people who are wrong. In that case it would be mind blowing.


Ryan said...

Whoever we is, we need to put a stop to this. And an entry on your blog is the first step!

Christine said...

This is just too funny! (Irritating for you, funny for us to read about). I think I'd realize if I couldn't access my email for years... Heck, I freak out if I can't access it for an hour!