Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Football is the best sport in America

Football is only a few weeks away and like every year I am pumped. With Football's annual dominance in sports ratings upon us, it got me thinking. Why is football so great?

Well I would say while Basketball is very popular, the only passionate argument against Football being America's greatest sport would come from Baseball fans. Baseball is America's past time, and that is exactly why Football is a better sport.

You would never consider Football a past time, but you might call Dominos and Checkers a past time. Granted baseball has dedicated hardcore fans (I go to more baseball games than anything so I think I fit the bill) but nothing is better than two teams going to war on a Sunday after noon. We sit with our beers screaming at the top of our lungs and fighting with anyone who talks bad about your team (You can Ask Mike Wilson about that). Nothing beats Football.

I find myself as a baseball fan more excited about trade deadlines and off season moves than the games themselves. I appreciate the subtle moves a manager makes and the chess game that occurs in baseball as much as the next guy, but don't let anyone convince you that Football isn't a thinking game. Every play is a setup for the next play in football. All of the players on the field at one time are a chess piece in a violent game. Players are putting their bodies on the line just to have more points than the other team.

Football has the greatest athletes and the smartest coaching. They play once a week because their bodies couldn't handle any more. Football is not an American past time, it is an American passion. I cannot wait :)

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