Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jessica Simpson Wants Dog back from Coyote

I know I am late on this, but this is an amazing story. Even without her silly posters asking if you seen her dog, the fact a coyote came right in front of her and stole the dog is amazing enough.

I mean I have seen pitbulls walk up to small dogs and bite the shit out of them, I can't believe that a coyote stole her dog and it was in a state where she felt it was possibly still alive.

Then after all of that, she makes a sign asking if you have seen her dog. Well I haven't, but I am pretty sure it is dead Jessica. If you wanted the dog so bad you would have punched the dog in the face like I am sure Pink would have (Yes, Pink is alive, more on that later if I feel like it) because she is a tough broad!

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Christine said...

This is a true story? Haha see THIS is entertaining to me. Do you think the coyote read the sign and is planning on returning the dog? Maybe if she offers some reward money...