Monday, September 14, 2009

Only in America

Would adults be up in arms about the treatment of a 17 year old pop hack. Listen, Kanye is a dick, everyone knows Kanye is a dick, but he is a pretty entertaining dick.

You know what everyone is talking about today? Kanye West.

I love Kanye though, because unlike most people I take pop culture for what it is, a ridiculous cluster fuck that begs to not be taken seriously.

It is beyond me how anyone could give two shits about Taylor Swift. I mean I get it, you think I wouldn't want that happening to me or someone I love, etc. But seriously, she is probably really rich, and she doesn't do anything extraordinary. She writes hack pop songs and watches the money come in.

If anything Kanye's biggest sin is that he took the dumb VMA awards seriously enough to argue against an award that had nothing to do with him.

Why is there even a VMA awards? What is this 2002? When was the last time you watched a music video? COME ON. What happened in the world where we need to take Beyonce Knowles seriously?!?

Everyone on Facebook was like, Beyonce did a great thing!

Oh really. I did not see it, but I am pretty sure she did not do anything that should go under the blanket of great yesterday. Oh wow how great, she defended another awful pop star!!!

Our country is sinking and this is what people are worried about. UGH.

You know what makes good news, unstable people. Thanks Kanye and Lady Gaga for making entertainment unboring.

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Christine said...

It aggravates people because each and every day we, as working Americans, deal with rude behavior from our bosses, customers, etc. Kanye's rude display on TV irritates me because it's a reflection of what I deal with every day from people who have their heads up their asses. It's yet again another "star" acting out, setting a bad example. It doesn't help that his ego doesn't match his talent. I don't think even the Beatles had egos that inflated! And at least they had the talent to back it up.