Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Suck it Ryan

It must have been sweeps week in Fantasy Football because Fantasy Titans, "The Batemans", and "The David Bowies" had a double header.

In the league that does not matter my team was victorious 103-95. In the XFL my team was victorious 113.5-78.

That leaves me in first place all by myself in the XFL, and trailing Ryan by half a game in ESPN league. Apparently I tied somehow in that league and was not aware.

Batemans were carried collectively by Desean Jackson, Carson Palmer, Donovan Mcnabb, Hakeem Nicks, and Andre Johnson. Johnson was spitting up blood and they had to hide his helmet because of his obsession to help the Batemans cause.

Anyway, suck it Ryan.


anicid said...

"Apparently I tied somehow in that league and was not aware."

Okay, Donovan.

theomegachrist said...


Poor Donovan is dumb as fuck.