Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random thoughts..

Haven't blogged for awhile so here is a few random things on my mind

-Recently Sharon Osbourne got into some controversy by saying Susan Boyle looks like a smacked ass on the "Opie and Anthony Show" on Sirius XM Radio. Who cares? Why can't we acknowledge that Susan Boyle is famous because she is ugly? Sure she can sing ok, but there are tons of people like her that are not famous. Her gimmick is being ugly, and she went on a show in hopes to be famous. I hate this countries fake outrage at things.

-Sammy Sosa is now a white man. Google it, they are great pictures.

-People walked out of Carnegie Hall on Tracy Morgan for making obscene jokes. How do people pay for a comedy show to see Tracy Morgan and not know what he does on a stage? He is one of the most offensive comedians of all time. Ugh. Love this blurb from

According to Gatecrasher, people started fleeing the theater only a few minutes into Tracy's show. Many middle-aged women ran home to fuck their ears with holy water-laced bars of soap after Tracy began making jokes about porn, drugs and gays. When Tracy joked that Obama and Michelle will have the first presidential sex tape out, some of the audience members gasped.

-I hate Yankees fans calling the Yankees the World Champions. Who did they play outside of America? Do the Toronto Blue Jays constitute the rest of the world? I'd like to see them play the Japanese champion. Matsui would be so confused.

-The iPhone has 100,000 apps. Congrats to him, that is what is important, the sheer number of applications on a device.

-NFL prediction: I think by the end of December the Titans will not be out of the playoff picture.

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