Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NBA Jam: A Retrospective-Eastern Conference Part 2

Rony Seikaly/Harold Miner: If you were a youngster during this era you would probably think that Rony Seikaly was the funnier of the two names here. However, Rony had a pretty ok career. He averaged 14 pts and 9 rebounds throughout his career, pretty ok but not video game star good. On top of that he married a swimsuit model and resembles an enemy from "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2". That let's him make my list based on ridiculousness alone. Harold Miner on the other hand was labeled "Baby Jordan" coming out of college. Based on his career numbers, this would only be an accurate nickname if the plot of "Like Mike" was based on the real story of Harold Miner. He was drafted 12th overall and averaged 9 points a game in a 4 season career. On a positive note, he did have the best dunks with no one guarding him.

Derrick Coleman: Coleman was a legit star so he only made the list because of his behavior issues. This is all from memory so I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure he had a sneaker deal, was featured in NBA Jam, and pushed as the Nets big star at the time. He was fat, lazy, and got into huge feuds with other stars. I remember him calling Karl Malone an "Uncle Tom" in the 90's during the peak of their feud. In Coleman's defense, Karl Malone is a really confusing public figure, I am not sure about Uncle Tom, but his life mirrors white trash more than it does a black guys problems. Besides his feuds Coleman was arrested several times for ridiculous issues. He urinated publicly, cursed cops out when they stopped him for an alcohol test, went to jail for traffic violations, and was in a terrible accident where he almost went to jail for drunk driving but got off due to a mistrial. Coleman was a real gem.

Scott Skiles/Jeff Hornacek: These guys weren't bad, but just boring white guys. I believe Scott Skiles still has the single game assists record, and Horncek played on the Utah Jazz where he was the second best white guy. At the end of the day they make the list cause they were boring white guys in an arcade basketball game.

Western Conference up next.

Update 11:01AM Derrick Coleman also went Bankrupt and now runs a sneaker store in Detroit.


Afif said...

Harvey Grant, identical twin brother of Horace Grant.

Damn, so many of these names on the roster are huge nostalgia names. "LaPhonso Ellis"

Ryan said...

Please continue this series...