Friday, December 11, 2009

Random crap/Tiger Woods

I haven't been blogging at all lately, because of laziness, that is the Kenny staple so here is a few tidbits.

Ok, this has been talked about from every angle, and I know this is not a fresh concept to write about, but how horrendous is Mindy Lawton? I believe Tiger's wife can probably deal with the sheer number, but if this woman isn't proof that Tiger had some type of sex addiction, I don't know what it is. Maybe she had some "tricks up her sleeve" that the others girls don't.

Today is fucking cold in New York, my hands felt like they were going to shatter. I am so sick of people referencing global warming every time there is a major weather shift. I mean I have never talked to anyone I can trust that actually knows anything about the weather. Everyone is an expert in everything because of second hand information. I don't want your medical advice because you read Web MD and I don't want your weather advice because you saw Al Gore do a powerpoint. Nothing is worse than a person who starts out a sentence "Actually..." and then spouts off something they read on the internet or saw in a movie.

Baseball is making me sick. As much as I love the Mets and want them to win, the Yankees trade for Curtis Granderson, and the Mets giant offer to Jason Bay make me sick. I just finished reading "The Jordan Rules" which Ryan let me borrow, and it made me pretty sentimental. It made me realize how basketball is the ultimate team game. Then all of these deals pop up and it just makes you realize how baseball is not at all a team game. Baseball is a sport where the sum of it's parts makes up how great a team is, and with a climate where a few teams have all the money, how could that ever be fair/interesting? I will still love going to games and supporting my team, but in the end it kind of makes me sick.

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