Monday, January 11, 2010

NBA Jam - Western Conference

Ok, finally my lazy ass is getting to the Western Conference. There are less pathetic examples but still a decent amount.

LaPhonso Ellis: I have no idea why he was in NBA Jam either. Poor Mutombo for having him as a teammate in the game. Also poor Mutombo for being a defensive specialist in an Arcade style basketball game. His defense did not transfer over well to NBA Jam to say the least.

Vernon Maxwell: 1995: In a game at Portland on February 6, he ran into the stands to punch a fan, later claiming the fan had heckled him over his wife's miscarriage. The NBA suspended him for 10 games and fined him $20,000.[4]

1997: Maxwell was ordered to pay a woman $592,000 for knowingly infecting her with herpes.[6]

Wayman Tisdale Ended an era when people could be named Wayman Tisdale.

Christian Laettner and Chuck Person: I feel bad including them because they were not that bad, but it just goes to show how long the Timberwolves have been incompetent. Kevin Garnett is a saint for putting up with a franchise that has always strived to be below average for their entire history. Christian Laettner does win the award for most successful white guy whose game did not translate over to the the NBA.

Detlef Schrempf: I could not find a video of Detlef talking in the 90's, but believe me it was hilarious. He has a better grasp of english now so those videos were disappointing. Also as a child I was obsessed with Detlef because of NBA Jam. There was something really cool about his foreigness and the fact he never missed 3's in the game. Him and Chris Mullin were my favorite players in the game. I could relate to their lack of athleticism and 3 point shooting ability.

That is all I have, the Western Conference sucked sorry to leave you in suspense for a week and a half for that shit.


Ryan said...

Wayman Tisdale has 8 jazz albums, the debut was entitled Power Forward. I feel it's quite the tragedy that he never played for the Utah Jazz.

theomegachrist said...

How fucked up is it that they are still the Jazz?