Friday, October 30, 2009

Who is buying this?

Who the hell are the people buying Oven Baked Sandwiches from Dominos? It isn't like sandwiches are expensive. This is not a good deal, and I am pretty sure they are disgusting. At best they are average so I believe Dominos is misleading their customers by calling them "Oven Baked Treats."

Even the worlds best sandwich I would not classify as a treat. Treats are things like candy and blowj's, sandwiches are food. I guess they can't say "No Tricks, Just Mediocre Sandwiches."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Suck it Ryan

It must have been sweeps week in Fantasy Football because Fantasy Titans, "The Batemans", and "The David Bowies" had a double header.

In the league that does not matter my team was victorious 103-95. In the XFL my team was victorious 113.5-78.

That leaves me in first place all by myself in the XFL, and trailing Ryan by half a game in ESPN league. Apparently I tied somehow in that league and was not aware.

Batemans were carried collectively by Desean Jackson, Carson Palmer, Donovan Mcnabb, Hakeem Nicks, and Andre Johnson. Johnson was spitting up blood and they had to hide his helmet because of his obsession to help the Batemans cause.

Anyway, suck it Ryan.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Amazingly bad movie

If you are into awful movies that are funny because they are awful check out "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus"

Drunken Philosopher's Man of the Year Award

Good afternoon readers,

I have been pestered with tons of mail lately for two things. My top 50 list of 2009, and my annual man of the year award. Well folks, the top 50 list will have to wait since it is so difficult to beat last years list, but your wait for man of the year is in!!

After days of countless vote counting and emailing reading I have come to a conclusion. Drew Brees is our man, and my reasons are below:

Drew Brees is a snappy dresser

Drew Brees is often referred to as a "man about town", and for good reason! With Brees' versatile wardrobe, he can fit in anywhere. Brees often plays it casual with your standard polo and khakis, but he is known for his "Period ensembles" last seen on Monday Night Football wearing a retro Post Civil War outfit. Word around town is he was also sporting a pocket time piece for the ladies' eyes only.

Drew Brees is a sex symbol

As pictured above the playful Drew Brees fancies himself a little bit of a sex symbol while also remaining completely approachable and down to earth. He didn't pick the playboy lifestyle, the playboy lifestyle picked him. Brees can often be seen "kickin it with the ladies" with sidekick Reggie Bush in the New Orleans club scene. Bush has stated in the past that he is extremely grateful to have a wing man like Brees, but caution ladies, it's just for sport, he is a married man.

Drew Brees Family man

I believe you never know a man until you see him around the people he loves. As pictured above, Drew Brees is a family man before everything else. His family often refers to his great sense of humor (The ladder was his idea!), his work on charities, and his allergies to dairy, wheat, gluten, and eggs. Brees who finds it hard to stay away from gluten showed off his razor sharp wit by telling Drunkenphilosopher, "Hey I guess I am a gluten for punishment." We all had a chuckle. He is also a repeat patron of family food chain "Chili's Bar and Grill" and recently inked an endorsement with the popular chain.

A Man with Great Work Ethic

Drew Brees is lastly probably best known for his work ethic. He can be found often challenging teammates to push up contests and is best known for his relentless cardio ability. Brees may not be the most athletic guys around, but he makes up for it by pumping iron and running laps. He often refers to sidekick Reggie Bush as fatty. Reggie quoted Drew a few months ago as saying, "Why don't you two fatties come over and work out with me and the wife" referring to then girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Reggie himself. Bush smiled at that and said, "That is the Drew we love."

Drew Brees, man of the year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Made Ine America: A piece of shit movie

I just got finished watching " Crips and Bloods: Made in America". I am pretty tired, but let me just say, what an over the top liberal shit fest.

Even if I agreed with the movie, it would have stunk. The entire movie was an excuse for white people to tell other white people they are wrong, and talk about black people like they are incapable of their own thoughts.

I agree that gangs are a cultural problem, but the people in this movie were so annoying. I can not even express how much this movie annoyed me. Bla. Going to bed.