Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson dead

I am on my blackberry writing this. That is the word on the train. This is the first celebrity death that would actually make me sad. Michael Jackson was bigger than life in his prime. He transcended everything, and I would never usually say this about anyone. I will go back to being a dick tomorrow.

Dick Nixon

Sometimes the real news is more ridiculous than the Onion.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why is Facebook asking me if I want to be a supporter of Michelle Obama?

What exactly am I supporting her in doing? Having sex with the President. I never understood the idea of viewing First Lady as some type of accomplishment. I mean is it an honor to be worthy of marrying the President? I guess so, but we could have has a female President if the cards fell right. Now that would be an accomplishment. What do you think Hilary Clinton's bigger accomplishment is, first lady or Senator?

Also, I am tired of pretending Michelle Obama is hot. I was reading some top 100 list the other day that had her listed as hotter than girls who are actually legitimately hot. I get it, she is fairly young and married to the President so she is hot. That's great, but let's be serious.

Friday, June 19, 2009



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My favorite literal music video

Thoughts in the David Letterman fiasco

As usual, I am not against anyone for making any jokes. All David Letterman is guilty of is being a funny guy, and I don't get where people come off judging comedy within a serious context. Letterman is paid to make people laugh, and he did just that.

However, what I find to be hypocritical is that the same people who jumped all over Don Imus for his remarks are now defending Letterman. I guess it is ok for liberals to offend conservatives, but not the other way around. Interesting.

As far as I am concerned, everyone should shut up and enjoy the jokes. Your moral values mean nothing, and anyone who has an opinion of morality in entertainment does not have a worthwhile opinion in their dumb heads as far as I'm concerned.

CIC Credit Checking

Ok, so I finally paid off my credit card after 2 years, and I realized lost in the shuffle that I have been paying $11 a month to CIC Credit Checking company which is a part of Experian.

What a fucking piece of shit company. When you do a free Credit check with Experian, in the fine print it tells you that you have to call them within 30 days or they will charge your account monthly. I looked online, and apparently a lot of people are reporting that even after you cancel they pretend to cancel the account and never do. Moreover, the stupid bitch on the phone tried to get me to stay with the service when they tricked me 2 years ago. UGH.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheryl Miller

Last night during the final game of the NBA Finals, I got to thinking. Why is Charles Barkley allowed to speak on television?

In a way it is a testament to how great of a character Barkley is. We have all heard the stories of gambling, and hilarious womanizing, and I think that intrigues and captivates the viewing audience. Fair enough, Sir Charles gets a pass. We may have no idea what on earth he is saying, but he is an NBA great, and a par of pop culture.

Then Cheryl Miller talked, and I said ok, Sir Charles get a pass, but what is Cheryl doing on television? I get that she is an all time great, but COME ON. She has a voice that is so manly, it not only embarrasses Cheryl, but it has to embarrass Reggie Miller too.

She not only has better inside game than her brother, but she also has a more manly voice and bigger muscles. Poor Reggie. And UGH to Cheryl.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

These are delicious

Just thought I'd share

Coming soon

Hey you know all the stuff you are used to having on your computer and on every other smart phone? It is coming to the iPhone soon! Isn't it bizarre that the iPhone and iPod Touch have all these advanced features but not Copy and Paste? How does the iPhone not have MMS? And why is this update going to cost $10 for iPod Touch users? UGH. Palm Pre!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wire

I have one more episode of "The Wire" left, and my God what a great show! "Oz" was always my favorite show, but I believe this may be even better. This is the first time in years that a show has made me tear. If you have not seen "The Wire" you are crazy. One million times better than "The Sopranos."

Hakeem vs. Shaq on PPV

Does anyone remember this? It was the Taco Bell one on one championship. I think Shaq backed out last minute, but who thought that was a good idea! Like on paper it might sound ok, but it would be people sitting in front of a tv watching two giant men play 1 on 1 basketball. That would have been the biggest bust ever. I remember so much random shit about Shaq, and this is one of the funniest.

Apparently this is old audio

But I just heard this on Opie and Anthony the other day. Best ridiculous rant ever.


This is a lame blog to write after not blogging for a long time, but I think this link is funny. "BING" seems like it is pretty good, but that blurb acts like Google is not great. Do people really feel like internet searches are not progressing with the times? Also, I love how they try to use "BING" in a sentence like it is supposed to catch on. In 2012 do you picture yourself saying, "Bing it!"?