Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are the Bengals genius? Or are the Jets that good?

Ok, just a quick thought. I was thinking about the 1st half of the Jets game yesterday, and it just doesn't make much sense to me. Of course the most obvious reason they lost so badly is because they really had nothing to gain by winning so they kind of subconsciously coasted, and the Jets defense is actually THAT good that it just was indeed THAT dominant.

But then I got thinking. Palmer threw for 0 yards and Ochocinco uncharacteristically dropped all passes thrown to him. After the game he did everything but toss Revis' salad. Brad Smith looked amazing and the offense torched the Bengals.

Does anyone think it is possible that the star Bengals players purposely played badly? I mean Revis is an amazing player who regulary shuts down great players. Wouldn't it be genius for Ochocinco to play possum and fake humbleness? Isn't it a bit peculiar that Carson Palmer completed 1 pass for 0 yards? I do believe the Jets D is really good, but maybe the Bengals had a plan all along. We will see I suppose. Either the Bengals are geniuses or they are going to get massacred.


anicid said...

I was thinking the exact same thing. If they lost, they knew they'd get the exact same game this week. They could have let the Jets go all out to a) see everything the Jets have and b) get into their heads.

Wildcard Weekend will be fun.

Afif said...

They subconsciously knew that it didn't really matter if they lost so they probably didn't "go all out" and play with a ton of passion or whatever.

They were probably still trying to win but the Jets got off to an early lead and the Jets D IS that good so they were probably like "whatever."

The Jets will win next week though.