Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday Night Lights the musical

This is my latest get famous scheme that I will never follow through with. I will write a musical and play the role of Brian "Smash" Williams. I know I am white, but I think it will work. Who is with me? Also, I believe since Friday Night Lights is being picked up for another 2 seasons I am going to write a large series of Friday Night Lights blogs. Not sure if I should go back and rewatch them and write recaps, or just star in season 4.

This series has been great in so many ways. Season 1 was the greatest sports drama I have ever seen, TV or Movies. Season 2, was so bad that is was the greatest unintentionally funny show ever. Season 3 got back on track, who knows what will happen? So should I recap past episodes or start at season 4?? I at least have to write about season 2 where Dillon, Tx fell into bizarro world. 


Ryan said...

So many good parts to choose from - Riggins (obviously), Landry Clarke, Herc, Buddy Garrity, the tornado from season two, Voodoo, this would be a great idea!

mike said...

Two more seasons? That's scary. Is it going to be a whole new class of players?
What happened to Crucifictorious? In season 1 they were like thrash metal, now they suck! How does Landry make the team! Landry killed a guy! I liked Landry in season 1, he made Matt seem more real, like a normal guy. Him making the team sucked. Season 2 was pretty bad, though season 3 is better, you are right. But 4 and 5? eesh

theomegachrist said...

Ha we will see the JD storyline could allow them to reinvent the magic. Season 1 was the shit.

mike said...

ARGH SO CLOSE. I wanted Landry is block the last second field goal and get lifted off the field by the rest of the team but I suppose that would've been too much