Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hi dummy, you are not on the team

Ok, so I was doing laundry, a setting I often meditate and come up with pearls of wisdom to share with you, and I thought of three things that really annoy me about sports fans. 

1) When Sports fans use the term WE. This one really annoys me and I feel I am not really guilty of it, because I cringe whenever I hear it. You know what I mean when a friend comes up to you and says "You know what we need...", followed by some awful arm chair GM theory of what the Mets need to win. You are not on the team you fool, what you need to do is keep buying beer and food at the stadium so that the people who actually have some knowledge of baseball can make the real moves necessary to win. WE aren't doing well, they are, get over yourself, you are just a dumb fan. 

2) When sports fans play the hypothetical GM (this usually happens on Sports radio). I do this, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. Everyone gets caught up in trade deadlines and hypothetical BS trades. Nothing is worse than hearing ridiculous theories and speculation. Nothing is funnier than hearing a fan say, "I think the Mets should trade Carlos Beltran for Roy Halladay and a 2nd round draft pick." People often throw the draft pick in to legitimize their knowledge of the sport. Obviously you have deeply analyzed the players worth if you are involving draft picks. I love how everyone thinks they have thought of the trade that the GM's have overlooked. 

3) People who tell you what "you guys" need. You know these people, they are all like "Hey, you know what you guys need..." Then proceed to tell you what is wrong with the team you like. Now these people are the worst because not only are they guilty of issue #1, they have so mastered their job as arm chair GM that they have moved on to tell YOU what YOUR team needs. It is always something asinine like "better starting pitching." Oh well, fuck me! I and the entire Mets organization haven't thought of that, I will run that by them since obviously I am important since you came to me with such a gem. 

Anyway, that is all for now. I have been slacking on Blogs lately, so there ya have it. Enjoy. 

NOTE: I should have used a football example as Dennis has pointed out, you don't trade picks in baseball! It was a good line though if I used football :( 


d$mania said...

You can't trade draft picks in baseball.

theomegachrist said...

LOL yea I realized that afterwards. Also, I shouldn't have used just baseball, it is just as bad in basketball and probably the worst in football.

Afif said...

The "we" thing makes me want to kill everyone. Whenever I have brought it up before though, everyone always defends it. I am glad you feel this way.