Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NFL Week 1 thoughts (Bateman's Fantasy Edition)

After dropping to 0-1 in both of my leagues I am a little annoyed but still confident.

Let downs:

Carson Palmer - BoOoOoOooo, I took Palmer in the middle rounds of my fantasy draft thinking he would be a real steal since he is finally healthy. Through week 1 I was really wrong, and last I checked the Denver defense wasn't AMAZING, so it QB1 could be a rough spot for the Bateman's fantasy Dynasty.

Andre Johnson - What up dawg?!? He is probably the most constant variable on my fantasy teams every year, but he didn't get it done in week 1.

Lee Evans: It is not a good sign that the Bills almost beat the Patriots and TO and Evans combine for less catches than Steve Smith of NY Giants fame.

D$Mania: Trying to get the nickname Hunky QB to stick when no one wants to go with it.

LT: I expected the old LT. He looked fine, but not the man I remember a few years ago.

Thumbs up:

Ray Rice: Pretty good week 1 besides not scoring any TD's. New LT being born?

Desean Jackson: He did what I expected him to . Make plays. However he is not going to run a kick back every week so he better start catching some more balls.

Ahmad Bradshaw: He is way better than Derrick Ward. He comes in and the offense doesn't lose much of its power, Ward ran much softer. Great fantasy bench player.

Kevin Smith: About what I expected.

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