Monday, September 21, 2009

NFL Week 2 thoughts (Bateman's Fantasy Edition)

For now on I am only going to write about my XFL league because that is really the only Fantasy League I care about and my ESPN team seems like a bust at this point.

Here are my ups and downs for week 2 Fantasy wise, followed by a few NFL tidbits.


-Andre Johnson was back in week 2 and now I remember why he is a constant presence on my fantasy teams. Johnson is an amazing fantasy player that seems to catch anything.

-DeSean Jackson strikes again. The only thing I worry about with Jackson is that he is a Home Run threat, but so far not much else. As long as he continues to deliver TDs he is a great fantasy pick.

-Brent Celek had a nice receiving game. I think he should be a big target in the Eagles offense, and he was the TE I wanted the most in pre-season.

-Lee Evans started to look like the Lee Evans I expect to see playing every week. I think as the season progresses, TO should allow Evans to score a lot easier than he did in the past. Logic says he should be a fantasy monster, especially if that line holds up.

-Ray Rice gets a lot of touches. He is also a better receiver than McGahee is, and McGahee has been a pretty strong receiver in his career.

-Detroit is running their offense through Kevin Smith.

-Carson Palmer looked like the gunslinger of past seasons Sunday.


-I did not start DeSean Jackson or Carson Palmer (I still won though).

-Neither Ray Rice nor Kevin Smith look like they will score many TD's.

-Giants defense is giving up a lot of points, and made Marion Barber look like a real superstar.

Ok, so my players aside I would like to talk about NY football.

The Jets defense looked absolutely amazing, and the Pats offensive line looked terrible. Hopefully this means a division title for the Jets. It is early still, but Mark Sanchez looks like a veteran and the Jets are having some fun. As much as I love to hate my friends' teams, for some reason I cannot hate the Jets. They feel like the Giants little brother or something, and they are an exciting team.

Giants defense looked pretty horrendous, but the offense is making up for it by being way better than you'd imagine. Eli looks like a top 5 QB the first 2 weeks, and the receivers are starting to seem like an upgrade from Plaxico. What a great sight to see, Eli looking calm and in synch with his receivers.

Mario Manningham looks like a Superstar, and Steve Smith is as reliable as you can get. The running attack was stifled a little yesterday, but I am not worried about them. If the defense comes around I think the Giants could make a nice run. I believe it is possibly a good year for New York football.

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Ryan said...

You should have spoke about your ESPN El Fuego loss as you lost to a future champion as THE David Bowies are the team to beat in the XFL, FOEFFL, and ANY Fantasy league around the world.