Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vegeterians bug me

I want to start this out by saying when I use the word meat, I am referring to all types of meat, and not just beef. Most vegetarians are only vegetarians for two reasons, they think not eating meat is healthier, or they feel like it is an ethical pat on the back to not eat meat. Both reasons bug me equally. 

First let's start with meat not being healthy. This is something fat people came up with so they could try to bypass working out. Meat is an important part of our diet, otherwise we wouldn't have these sweet teeth to chew it with. The main offenders are men and women in their early to mid 20s. I assume low self esteem causes this, and what is even more irritating is having to listen to the people talk to you as if they are now dietitians who have it all figured out. Run a mile fatty you can (and probably should) eat meat. Honestly, if you are bypassing meat for entire days in order to count calories and not making it up with other forms of protein you probably have severe emotional issues that need to be checked out. There is nothing wrong with some muscle or fat, and personally I think vegetarians look ridiculously unhealthy and frail. 

Secondly, the idea that you are morally against eating meat is hugely hypocritical to me and this idea really makes me angry. If you are vegan, this isn't for you, you are a pretentious fuck, but whatever at least you went through with your ridiculous moral stand. People who are vegetarians, yet still eat dairy are the worst. Have you ever seen animal torture videos? Well I have. In college I had an insane Philosophy professor who forced us to watch slaughterhouse torture videos, and animals raised for dairy are tortured way worse than animals raised for slaughter. When an animal is slaughtered, often it is done in a very cruel way, but it is usually happens within a matter of seconds or minutes at worst. Animals that are raised for dairy are kept in some of the worst conditions I have ever seen. They are kept cramped up in pens where they attack each other their entire lives and live a completely torture filled life for years. How is it you are taking a moral stand and then you go and eat an egg laid by a chicken who had its eyes pecked out because it was in the same cage as 5 other chickens. I can go on about this forever, but I think my point is pretty to the point and logical. Your moral agenda is lame, if you need self importance have your mom tell you what a great person you are.  

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