Monday, December 1, 2008

New York, New York

The New York Giants are 11-1, and the Knicks are 6-6.

The New York Giants are defending Superbowl Champs, and the Knicks haven't been to the playoffs since 2003.

You wouldn't think these two teams would have anything in common besides New York, but they do. They both have annoying dead weight on their team that needs to be dealt with.

While the Giants are currently the most dominant team in football and have overcome his hijinx to stay this great, Plaxico Burress has to be nearing his end in New York. Plaxico is a great player, and works harder than almost anyone else on the Giants when he is on the field, but when he is off of the field he becomes borderline retarded. He has been fined over 30 times by the Giants and the latest incident takes the cake. I am ok with Plaxico shooting himself in the leg. I am even ok with Plaxico not registering the weapon in New York, and Plaxico not having a carrier license. What is borderline retarded is trying to cover it up, and the way he tried to cover it up. Plaxico shot himself and had the entire trip to the hospital to come up with a good excuse, and what he came up with was saying his name was Harris Smith and he was shot in an Applebees.

Has Plaxico seen himself??? It isn't like he is Hines Ward, he has a very noticeable physique and face. He looks like a 6'5 visitor from outer space. Even if somehow the workers at the hospital did not know him, didn't he think that maybe they would check to see if someone was actually shot at an Applebees? Why would he use Applebees as an alibi? Is there even and Applebees in New York City? There should be some law that gets you 15 years in prison for bad alibis. Wow, Plaxico is not a smart man.

Now onto Stephon Marbury. I really wanted to buy into the idea that Stephon Marbury was not to blame in the latest Knicks saga. I figured that D'antoni was being a dick and benching him and then pretending he gave Stephon a choice. Seems like Stephon was just being a baby again. I am sick at looking at him with his dumb bad attitude and stupid star tattoo. Calling yourself Starbury doesn't change the fact every team you have been on has been awful. I think it is pretty messed up and crazy that Marbury was not given a real shot to play, but can you blame D'antoni for wanting to win basketball games? If he couldn't win with Kevin Garnett, he isn't going to win with David Lee. No one is going to give a shit about Marbury when he is finally out of this league, and in his contract year when given the chance to play he turns his coach down. His excuse was that if D'antoni was a man he wouldn't have given him a choice. Way to make a stand dummy, I hope no one wants you in free agency. In Stephon's eyes he is a superstar, in the eyes of the league during hard financial times he is an aging scorer who has never won anything relevant. 

Both of these guys are running out of time in New York, and both of these guys are giant idiots. I can't wait until the headaches are gone. The culture of the Knicks especially is going through a big change, and once Stephon and Plaxico are gone both teams can concentrate completely on winning. 

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saveusdmoneymania said...

Everytime I get a new piece of information related to this I rejoice in inevitable wonder at this weird ass story. Do what the smart players are doing if you're worried about being shot down... hire your own po-po.