Friday, November 21, 2008

Creepy gym guy: Tales of NYSC Part 1

This should be the first in a series dedicated to the awfulness of the New York Sports Club that I frequent on 8th ave in Chelsea. I suspect that a lot of the staff at the gym are gay. I suspect it for good reason, but that is best left for another blog. It is fine that they are gay, to each their own, and as with anything, I am cool with whatever anyone chooses as long as it is not affecting me. 

Well the problem with New York Sports Club in Chelsea is that it has affected me. It has affected me often enough where I can break these blog posts into a series of bizarre stories and characters. One character, I refer to as creepy gym guy, mostly because I don't know what you would call what he does at the gym. Maybe janitor? His job seems to be to clean up after the people in the gym. 

Any towels left behind, he picks up. Any sweat on the ground he mops up. You can often find him wiping down the showers, oh also you can see him staring down the asses of male patrons and making creepy comments. Creepy gym guy is a short black guy, who seems like possibly he might be a little slow. I don't want to be insensitive and say for sure that he is a full blown tard, but his over friendly nature leads me to believe he is either slow or a sexual predator. The way he stares down other men, and the inquisitive way he he grunts at the male form lead me to believe he is a homosexual. That, and his constantly asking the men if they "need help" when it seems they are just trying to get dressed or dry off. 

Every day I walk into the locker room I have grown to expect a "good morning" or "good afternoon" from creepy gym guy. This seemed like a nice gesture at first, but it is often followed by creepy gym guy freezing in his tracks and watching me as I begin to undress. One day I put on my towel to get into the shower and I swore I heard him sort of grunt "mmm". I am not sure if this was real or if I am homophobic and hearing things, but I am sort of leaning towards real. As I am typing this I realize that the actual story of creepy gym guy is not that interesting. I guess it is something that needs to be experienced. I am confident that if other New York Sports Club members were to read this, they would be relieved that someone else has acknowledged what was on their mind. Creepy gym guy is a retarded ghoul, and Part 1 of who knows how many blogs about the most bizarre gym I have ever been to. 


Ryan said...

I think you may be hearing things but who could resist you in a towel?

Afif said...

his constantly asking the men if they "need help" when it seems they are just trying to get dressed or dry off.