Monday, January 26, 2009

Joe Torre is a loser


When Joe Torre is done with his career he will be seen as a great manager. He won 4 World Series' titles with the Yankees, and not many managers can claim that. However, for a manager known for class and winning, promoting his new book really makes him come across as a classless loser. I am not one to care about these things. I mean I love Barry Bonds, and he certainly isn't a fountain of class, but due to my love for Arod and hate for the Yankees I feel the need to write about this.

I have always argued with friends that Joe Torre was simply a champion of circumstance. He inherited a champion by means of great scouting and slick GM moves. I never heard or saw evidence of great leadership, or genius moves. Torre was no Tony LaRussa, just a normal run of the mill manager who had the privilege of coaching hard nosed players like Paul O'neill, and Derek Jeter.

I am pretty confident that Alex Rodriguez is indeed a prima donna who show boated. It seemed to me though, that no one wanted him there, and that Joe Torre and the other coaches didn't make him feel very wanted. I am sure it is annoying as a manager to have to coddle your players, and Arod sounds like a giant bitch, but maybe Torre's inability to comfort Arod is the reason the Yankees never recaptured the magic of the 90's.

I know one thing for sure, if you are a current manager, you shouldn't put out a book bashing a player you managed. Especially if you are a manager known for class and dignity. Maybe this was all taken out of context, but it seems like Joe Torre is cashing in on the legacy and greatness of Arod and his inability to cope with New York. Does Joe really need money that badly? I am sure Arod is an annoyign nervous wreck, but he is also probably the greatest power hitter ever, so I wish the media would just leave him alone.

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