Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You know what would be disgusting?

Imagine if you had a piece of paper towel that never ripped, and you constantly cleaned up spills and various debris and had to try to clean the paper towel every time. That would be pretty gross and for just $19.99 this can be a reality for you if you act now.

Last week I was cashing in on a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card I received from my mother, and I came across the ShamWow. I had extra money on the card, and the commercial seemed like it would be magical so I bought the ShamWow. Now, I did expect the ShamWow to be a little bit of a let down, I have heard it wasn't that great, but what I did not expect was to own the worst product ever. I defy you to buy something worse.

What I found to be awesome about the commercial was that the guy just did all this crazy cleaning and rung out the ShamWow and bam all the shit was gone like magic! In real life, debris sticks to the ShamWow as if there is some magical dust magnet ingrained into the fibers. It is nearly impossible to clean, and I got to the point where I just threw it out in a fit of rage rather than even try to clean anything any longer. Oh also, if you gently rest the towel on a spill it doesn't suck it up like a vacuum so I am not sure how that isn't false advertising.

On the surface, a reusable substitute for paper towel sounded cool, but in reality why would you want this? Also on the commercial, the guy says you are going to spend $20 on paper towel a month anyway! Who is he trying to sell the ShamWow to, a car wash? Currently the status of the ShamWow in my home is, one was thrown out and one is being used as a door mat. Way to go ShamWow for creating the worst product ever and tricking me into buying it with your devilishly convincing commercials.

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Ryan said...

SHAM! WOW! or WOW! SHAM! Either way, the name sums it up perfectly and doesn't lie.