Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures of NYSC part whatever of whatever

I have been meaning to revisit my New York Sports Club series of blogs, but my mind is always all over the place so I forgot. However, today something bizarre happened so I figured I'd blog about it before I forget. Should be quick because there isn't much to say. So I went to the gym today, and when I was done with my workout there was a guy sitting on the bench that looked like Danny Glover, but homeless. He had his head down, and I figured he must have had a hard workout and he was just tired. So I take a 15 minute shower, and come out, and this weirdo is still sitting there. Then I notice he wasn't tired, but praying, and I look to his right, and he has a 2 Liter bottle of Grape Soda next to him with no label. I wonder if they are just allowing homeless people to hang out there now? Also, Grape Soda?? The New York Post political comic dude couldn't have drawn a better racial stereotype. 

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