Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Lost" promotes bad parenting

In the spirit of those who like to nitpick and protest entertainment, I figured I'd work in some new blogs where I do the same in an absurd and hopefully comical way. My first complaint will be the promotion of bad parenting on "Lost."

Let's start with Danielle Rousseau. I guess you give her the benefit of the doubt. She shows up with a tribe of people, they all go crazy and she had to kill them. This could leave a person a little shell shocked and careless. So you won't win parent of the year for losing your kid, but it happens. However, losing a kid isn't like losing the remote control. I think even if Danielle wandered the island aimlessly for he amount of years she was on the island, she should have found Alex by accident eventually. I get that the island is big, but seriously, half the time you see her on the show she is chillin and settin up traps.

Claire, seemingly just decided that her baby wasn't important because the island needed her, and left him behind. The first 3 and a half seasons we were forced to listen to screams of "My babbbbbbbbby" every time this dope misplaced her kid, then out of no where she decides, "Eh, Aaron isn't all that important." She is probably the biggest offender of bad parenting just judging by the amount of times she lost her dumb kid. Charlie may have seemed like a nut, but at least when he was trying to kidnap Aaron he had the good intention of baptizing him. Claire was the worst, and could possibly win worst parent on tv.

The last example worth going in depth into is Sun. Now, Sun has barely been a mom on the show so her bad parenting is only recently coming into focus, but she was actually the inspiration for this entry. While talking with a coworker about last weeks Lost, I realized that no matter what decision Sun makes regarding her child, her choice will be the epitome of bad parenting. If Sun chooses to go back to the island and leaves her baby behind, odds are she would never be back and much like Michael would be leaving her child for good with a grand parent. So unless the show is abruptly ending Sun is either going to take her child to a deadly island where there is likely no return, or leave her kid while she explores a deadly island where there is likely no return. What is up with these people? Am I a bad person because I would just let the people on the island stay there rather than return? I know Jin is on the island, but if you are a betting person, anyone on that island will probably end up dead. I'd say fuck it, but I guess I am glad they are idiots so the show continues.

Other examples of bad parenting include, Sawyer and his dad, Jack and Christian Shepard, Kate and her dad, and of course John Locke and his dad. I don't believe there is one case of good parenting on this show. Just something to think about out there. Let the protesting begin.


Ryan said...

What about Widmore and Penny? Daniel and his mom? Maybe Desmond and Penny will be good parents to lil' Charlie - probably not though, he's going back to an Island and Ben is going to probably kill her, leaving the kid an orphan.

theomegachrist said...

Yea, Desmond is even worse than Sun, at least Jin is on the island. Desmond is going back for virtual strangers.