Monday, February 16, 2009

Assassin's Creed: How Torn I Am About This Game

I'd like to start this game assessment by saying that "Assassin's Creed" I believe deep down is one of the best games I have ever played in my life. With that said, I also have to admit that I understand why this game was considered a let down by a lot of game critics.

"Assassin's Creed" is far from perfect, but I think this is understandable as you play the game. The landscape is extremely huge and every piece of it is scalable by your character Altair. The fluidity and speed in which you move and climb your surroundings is amazing. One complaint I read a lot was that your character often gets confused and climbs structures in a way that is different than what you intended.

While this is true early on, once you master the control system, this happened very seldom to me. I think a lot of reviewers probably gave up too early, which is understandable because this is literally one of the most difficult game I have ever played in my life. Another complaint I often hear is about the realism of the game. This is true. When you are exposed as an assassin and have to escape pursuers you can jump into these small booths with curtains, and your pursuers will just pass by confused as to where you went. This is ridiculous, but to me it is nitpicking. At times it is so hard to get away from pursuers that if this wasn't an option I would kill myself in frustration.

Since I keep touching on it, this game is the ultimate example of the paradox every gamer comes across at some point. At what point does a game become so hard that the balance is broken and the game just becomes a bad game? "Assassin's Creed" really pushed the envelope in this respect. After the 5 hour mark, every single mission is extremely difficult to the point you want to curse and scream, but after every mission I felt myself compelled to play even more. This game put me in an odd place because I really can say that I have had an awful and stressful time playing this game, but every victory was so incredibly sweet. The story is so intricate and smart, and though the combat is a bit clunky, kills are so refreshing and fun, but beware you will find yourself replaying missions for hours as you master the art of the assassin and all it's quirks.

I am also writing this a bit premature because I am on the final scene now, but it was so frustrating that I almost threw my controller at the TV at one point. I feel as if my enemies are now real life enemies who refuse to die, and just thinking about this last mission is putting me into a panic. When I finally do beat this, there will be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I'll keep you updated.

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