Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ethics in sports?

The issue of ethics in sports has always baffled me. When I think of ethical positions in the world, I think of doctors and politicians for starters. We rely on doctors and politicians to ensure we maintain a high quality of life, and if that is compromised it will be extremely detrimental to society. What is not high on my list of professions that require high moral fiber is professional athlete. However, judging by the media and water cooler talk, you would think that to be a professional athlete , it requires the utmost ethical integrity. Why? I am not completely sure, but I believe it is mostly the fault of the media. If you take just a minute to logically think about the importance of professional sports realistically, you have to admitt that in the grand scheme of things pro sports are highly unimportant, and definitely not an ethically driven field. However we are obsessed with being entertained, and the media knows this.  

The media knows that people love sports, and the media knows what makes a good story. We are supposed to sit around and believe that the media is appauled at Arod. The truth of the matter is that the media loves Arod. They love that Arod buckles under the pressure, and they love that Arod did steroids. If Arod doesn't do steroids, there is no story. If Arod succeeds there is no story. Arod is supposedly a hated figure, but this isn't true, he is beloved by the media, because they know there will always be a story there. 

The media counts on the stupidity of the human race. They count on the fact that whatever they say people will eat it up. For the mosty part I think they may be right. Even though people love to see homeruns, most people would call Arod or Bonds a cheater. The media plants the idea in our head that this debate is of the utmost importance. You look at the front page of the paper, and there is Arod. Is he a cheater? Afraud? Day after day, it is right there on newstands, and people debate it at work and in their homes. Even congress reads these headlines, and wastes hours of important legislation on whether or not baseball players should be punished. This is what our country has become. We have estabilshed a culture of dumb people who let the media do our thinking for us. 

Arod is the poster child for bad ethics, while everyone's retirement funds were stolen by scummy traders. We debate whether Barry Bonds and Arod should be in the hall of fame, while politicians are accepting bribes and giving raises to their friends while our country becomes broke. We struggle to pay our bills, while Obama hires politicans who owe back taxes. It is ok though, the media tells us that ethics in baseball are more important. Well I appreciate their opinion, but I refuse to believe it is important. I can care less if a guy took drugs to play a game better. Let's leave Arod alone and think for ourselves. 


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