Friday, February 6, 2009

The stupidity of America tested


I'd like to hope that people are not stupid enough to make this the #1 movie in America. This looks so painfully awful that I believe the American public will have no choice to wake up and boycott this from disgust. I bet the same people who are willing to boycott Kelloggs because Michael Phelps smoked some pot, will go see this piece of crap movie with their dumb kids. Anyone willing to watch this enragingly awful movie should grow up to be completely unsuccessful.


Afif said...

I dunno the trailer showed him pronouncing a large amount of words in a hilarious accent. There is probably even more of that in the movie.

theomegachrist said...

LOL yea, it is uncanny how funny the french accent is even when devoid of all humor.

Lulu's Left Lobe said...

One of our french students wants to go see this... OY!

Thomasean said...

My tease line for my sports the other morning..Kellogs Drops a Flake. Baddum Ching!

I shouted at the television the first time I saw the preview for this movie. Horrible. The least anticipated sequal of all time.