Monday, February 16, 2009

Nadya Suleman: Holy Christ

“Boyfriends? I think I’d have to be extremely selfish. I cannot maintain a social life and be a mother.”

This woman has 14 kids on welfare by artificial insemintation and she draws the line at having a boyfriend. Listen dummy, you passed the selfish line at kid two. Has there ever been a worse case of a woman abusing the system? I want to spit in her face, they should take away her kids and throw her on the streets. The government is already supporting the kids, and I don't think it is wrong to question her judgment and parenting skills at this point. This woman will probably make enough money off of her freak show to support the kids because that is how dumb and awful our country can be. Way to go America, I wish everyone would stop paying attention to this moron. 


Big Red said...

What's so selfish about premeditating the creation of 14 kids who will be raised on welfare?

Lighten up.

As a man who intends to clone himself 14 times and go on welfare, I think you're being unfair in this criticism.

Link: My Babies

ET said...

too much lost